Heston From Waitrose Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

Christmas is well behind us and the memory of anticipation, presents and joy seeps away in the consciousness. January has been and gone with it’s sales, blue Monday and oppressive misery. February is here and two Easter bank holidays are just over the horizon, so I thought it was the perfect time to reflect and write a post about a Christmas themed foodstuff.

Heston goes to town with his products during the festive season and to me a Christmas pudding ice cream sounded like a wonderful idea. Christmas pudding ice cream, Christmas pudding souffle, Christmas pudding bon bons are all the kinds of thing that Brian Turner would come up with on a Saturday Kitchen Christmas special to help you use your left overs. For Heston though the ice cream is not just a way of using up the scraps it is a dessert in its own right worth special care and attention and charging £4.49 for.

Christmas Pudding ice creamTub

I was hopeful for the ice cream as I love Heston’s Christmas pudding so much and thought if he captured some of that delicious rich flavour within a frozen custard then I would be onto a winner.  Sadly that was not the case. The first bowl I had was really disappointing and incredibly sweet,  if it was on one of those food investigation programmes where you are confronted with mounds of sugar to show how much you eat in a week then a couple of scoops of this stuff would be a few days worth and have you reaching for the insulin. It was powdery and grainy in texture and tasted largely of cinnamon. After eating that bowl I put it aside for a few weeks and didn’t blog, then I  revisited it recently to see if my opinion had changed. The second bowl I’m sad to say wasn’t much better but I noticed more chunks of dried fruit which added an extra dimension to the sugar, powder and cinnamon. For those whose formative years were in the 90s, it recalled Gino Ginelli’s Tutti Frutti but where Gino’s had luminous chunks of candied peel Heston’s ice cream was a more subdued pastel shade.

Christmas Pudding ice cream bowl

Having said all that it wasn’t the worst ice cream I’ve ever had there were citrussy notes, a slight boozy kick and it was reminiscent of a Christmas pudding it just didn’t really taste as rich and full flavoured as it could have done.

Heston From Waitrose Christmas Pudding Ice Cream £4.49 for 500ml


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