Anjum Anand Garlic and Coriander Naans

This is the third product I’ve tried from Anjum Anand’s Spice Tailor range having previously enjoyed the Mangalore Herb Curry and the Mango Chutni, both products were a success. Based on my first two experiences of Spice Tailor it is one of the more successful celeb endorsed ranges on the market. I was looking forward to completing the trinity of products by following sauces and condiments with a naan bread side.

Naan Packet

Apart from on packets of Spice Tailor products you may recognise Anjum Anand from BBC series Indian Food Made Easy. It was a lovely programme that did what it said on the tin, but the recipes required an army of spices, so when the Spice Tailor range arrived on the scene it saved a lot of hassle and a chunk of money by putting a decent sauce in a packet and removing the need to buy a jar of spices that you use once and then leave in the cupboard for the next decade.

The naan bread continues the Spice Tailor theme of lovely packaging and they look like the real deal. The packaging describes the naans as “flame baked” which on one hand is a good thing as naans are at their best when scraped off the side of a tandoor, blistering, charred and pillowy but on the other hand its a bit weird to see a pre-scorched lump of bread, wrapped in cellophane with a two month use by date ready to be sprinkled with water and reheated.

Naan cooked

I heated the oven and stuck them in for a few minutes before tasting. The naans had retained some of the smokey charred flavour from the flame baking and they had a satisfying chew to them, however they didn’t come close to a freshly made naan straight from the tandoor. They had a strange synthetic flavour going on and a quick glance at the ingredients led me to suspect that it was something called Calcium Propionate which was lurking in the mix. The naans were supposed to taste of garlic and coriander but those flavours were so subdued that, were it not for the fact that the packet advertised them I wouldn’t have noticed them at all. However after saying all that negative stuff they didn’t taste at all bad; texturally they were a success and had none of that sofa stuffing feel that a lesser naan has and overall they were the nicest naans I’ve had off a supermarket shelf.

Anjum Anand Garlic and Coriander Naans for £1.99 for 2


On a different note but whilst I’m writing about Indian food – a friend has put together a cookbook to help victims of the recent flooding in Chennai. Please follow this link and give as generously as you can. It’s full of great recipes including one from author Vanessa Lafaye.


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