Levi Roots Rum and Coffee Chocolate Puddings

I thought the Reggae Reggae range was on the decline as I haven’t seen many new lines from Levi in a while. There is of course the great Reggae Reggae sauce original that is always on the shelves but a couple of years ago there wasn’t a supermarket aisle in the land that didn’t feature a Reggae Reggae product. There was pizza, pasties, sauces, frozen meals, ready meals, crisps, curry sauces the list was endless. However over time the ubiquitous brand has lost some of it’s presence and apart from Reggae Reggae coconut milk in B&M Bargain you don’t always stumble across a Reggae Reggae product.  I had found the relentless expansion of products tedious and silly and Caribbean/Italian fusion was not a cuisine that was going to be missed from many peoples diets so not seeing it didn’t cause me much concern.

Rum and coffee pudding packet

But then last weekend nestled amongst the microwaveable crumbles and apple pies I spotted that familiar bright packaging and Levi’s happy face staring out. It turns out Levi has moved into the pudding market and produced some rum & coffee melt in the middle chocolate puddings and I felt quite joyous about it. In my basket they went, closely followed by a tub of extra thick double cream.

If you have a microwave you can have one of these puddings hot and plated in less than a minute, but if like me your kitchen is a microwave free zone you’ll have a 25 minute wait on your hands. I tipped the puddings out and served them up with a generous dollop of thick cream.

Rum and coffee pudding served

The chocolate sponge wasn’t going to win any awards, it had that taste that is difficult to describe but lets you know unequivocally that it was produced in a factory, it lacked the freshness and richness that comes with a baked chocolate pudding straight from the oven. It was no better or worse than any other supermarket chocolate sponge but it did nothing to elevate it above the norm. But when the spoon went in and the rum and coffee middle slooped out and mingled with the cream it became a rather delicious mouthful. The filling fell more on the side of rum than coffee, it was rich and delicious and the alcohol cut through and prevented it from becoming over claggy. I liked it.

Levi’s first foray into puddings was a success. It wouldn’t stack up in a michelin starred restaurant, but it would sit quite comfortably on a TGI Fridays dessert menu and compared to other supermarket puddings it would definitely hold its own. Well done Levi and I look forward to trying the stem ginger one next.

Levi Roots Rum and Coffee Chocolate Puddings


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