Mary Berry – Bread and Butter Pudding

This is the third time I’ve featured a Mary Berry product on my blog and the previous products didn’t do too well. In fact the most popular post I’ve ever written was about Mary Berry’s Carrot Cake back in 2012. As we move towards the business end of Great British Bake Off it feels like a good time to pick up on Mary’s products and I’ve got some Paul Hollywood things waiting in the wings too.

A couple of weeks ago the bombshell that Bake Off was leaving the BBC for the richer climes of Channel 4 landed, this sent the nation into a frenzy of speculation and despair about what happens next. First up Mel and Sue announced that they would not go with the show and their loyalties were firmly rooted with the Beeb. Then Mary joined them in solidarity in an announcement that elicited much praise for the female contingent. Next, blue eyes Hollywood decided the money was too good to pass and he released a statement saying he was sticking with the Bake Off crew and heading to Channel 4. Lots of people were unsurprised at this as they had long suspected he was a money grabbing sleaze. Social media, online news outlets and newspapers erupted with people all making the same joke “Channel 4 have spent £75m on one judge and a tent full of ovens.”. Right now Bake Off fans are confused and don’t know where their loyalties lie, there are rumours the BBC will create a rival show keeping Mel, Sue and Mary with the possible addition of charisma bypass James Martin in the mix. Meanwhile Channel 4 are hoping French and Saunders will present their version, but then French and Saunders denied it on Twitter. There are rumours that Paul could be joined by Austalian Bake Off judge and personal hero of mine Dan Lepard or 2015 winner Nadiya Hussain. Nadiya is the greatest thing to ever come out of bake off and her presenting style is natural, open and fun, her involvement would certainly secure me as a viewer. It’s all to play for and I suspect the airwaves are big enough to handle two baking competitions, certainly my tolerance levels for watching people knead dough is pretty high.

Mary Berry Bread and Butter Pack

Anyway I digress I’m here to reflect on Mary Berry’s Bread and Butter Pudding which is one of a number of desserts that Mary has developed recently under the brand Mary Berry Queen of Puddings. I suspect sales are high during Bake Off season. The bread and butter pudding is based on Mary’s Mother’s recipe but with a bit of extra luxury as Mary tells us “I’ve updated my mother’s recipe with brioche”. The packaging describes the pudding as “An indulgent bread and butter pudding sprinkled with spiced sultanas and currants, soaked in double cream custard and finished with demerara sugar” which sounds suitably rich and delicious.

The pudding looks attractive in it’s silver tray and is heated up for 20 mins before being served. The box claims the pudding serves five but I think Mary is having a laugh, we halved it and ate it between two. To be fair this was gluttony on our part and nobody really needs that much pudding but sharing it between five people would be very stingy.

Bread and Butter pudding cooked

After my previous encounters with Mary’s products I wasn’t particularly hopeful but it was very good. The rich creamy brioche was delicious and the sultanas were as fat as Paul Hollywood’s bank account. The pudding was not overly sweet and the nutmeg and cinnamon flavours were subtle enough to not overpower but still let their presence be known. The ingredients list says that there is some coriander in there, I didn’t taste any but that may well be a good thing. I can imagine Mary’s face if someone made a bread and butter pudding on Bake Off and said they were adding coriander – it would not approve. Still here she is adding it to her own, but whatever part it played, the pudding tasted great.

I’m pleased I’ve finally eaten a Mary Berry product that I enjoyed. I’ve always wanted to like her stuff but until now it’s been a struggle. I look forward to experiencing more of this range.

Mary Berry – Bread and Butter Pudding £3.50 for 495g pudding



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2 Responses to Mary Berry – Bread and Butter Pudding

  1. OldLag says:

    “money grabbing sleaze” – I’m pretty sure I hear the sound of lawyers knocking now…

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